Dear Alumni,

This is to inform you that you can now directly request a transcript without coming to school.

The request for a transcript should be sent to

A transcript is NGN10,000 (Ten thousand naira only) for undergraduates and NGN15,000 (Fifteen thousand naira only) for post-graduates.

To send the transcript via email, the school charges NGN5,000.

Payment should be made to;

Eco bank
Caleb University Third Party

The payment slip and the following information should be sent to the email (

Matric no
Year of grad
Phone number
Email address
Year of graduation
Email address it is going to/ address

If you are sending transcript to an official email, it has to be completely official.

For instance: is official. is not an official email

Kindly note that the Alumni network want to reduce the interference and help with transcript process due to the delay caused by the university to receive transcripts. This delay mounts unnecessary pressure on those helping with the process

The University and the Alumni network is working earnestly on a software and platform where you can receive your transcript immediately on request.

The software is still being perfected and we hope it will be done in due time.

Kindly avoid giving funds to anyone to help process transcripts.

The school also apologized for those whose transcripts are being delayed. They sincerely have no excuse for this delay and are working on it.


We need more active members in the Alumni.
The Alumni is about our welfare first.
Helping with job opportunities, travels/Japa plans, scholarship and other issues.
Its best we create a community to help ourselves because no one will do it for us.


Thank you,

Cheers and God bless you.

President Caleb University Alumni


One of the purposes of the Caleb University Alumni association is to support an Alumni in need. We are grateful for the recent support provided to a member of the alumni concerning a medical case.

This has made us realise that we need a formal procedure for welfare donations.

Henceforth, all welfare donations should go through the alumni process to avoid duplication of effort and ensure accountability.


    1. Any welfare need by an Alumni should first be presented to the set representative who will inform the welfare secretary and the president
    2. Decisions on welfare donations will be verified by the alumni executive and council
    3. Welfare donations would be collated in the alumni bank account. A separate account has newly been created specially for welfare donations:
    4. There will be a final account of the total amount received from donations and evidence of disbursement for the stipulated welfare purpose.

Bank: Sterling bank
Account number: 0092334136
Name: Caleb University Alumni Network

Please note that we do not in any way encourage people contacting others individually in the Alumni to solicit for funds.

Kindly register on the website for database & welfare purposes


Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation.

We are doing our best to make the alumni better for the benefit of us all.

Odefadehan Tayo Christian
President CUAN